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Fast, cheap, efficient

These features make offset printing the queen of all printing processes and ideal for high-volume production at low cost.
Thanks to the three offset-flat machines 70 × 100 cm format, we are able to produce high quality prints, whether they are in four colors or in Pantone colors and are ideal not only for commercial prints such as flyers or posters, but also for products intended to packaging, in particular to the sector of box wraps and customized tissue from 27 gr / sqm. Alongside its older sisters, our “small” 35 × 50 cm is excellent for producing small-sized prints or smaller print runs. Perfect for envelopes, block commissions and tax receipts, warranty certificates, printed placemats for restaurants, etc …


Quality guaranteed even for small productions

Born as a niche sector alongside offset printing, in the last few years digital printing has seen a non stop increasing development, thanks also to our continuous investments and improvements aimed at guaranteeing an excellent quality / price ratio even for short print runs. Thanks to our production printer with a maximum size of 33 × 48 cm and a photographic quality plotter with 8 colors and 111 cm light, we can satisfy the needs of our clients who do not need large quantities, but at the same time do not want to compromise on quality.
Our last arrived at Eurograf, is a 5-color digital printer that allows you to print with white toner and represents a further step forward in this constantly developing technology.


Elegance without compromises

Whether alone or combined with offset printing, hot and/or embossed printing is the best technique to give prominence and importance to a printed one. If you are looking for a product that expresses luxury and refinement you have found it. Thanks to the huge amount of foil available (glossy, opaque, metallic), you will not have difficulty finding the one that best suits the style required. Thanks to our 4 hot and embossed printing machines with maximum sheet sizes of 70 × 100 cm, we can embellish and make each product unique, whether it’s a business card, an invitation, an overcoat, etc …